“Life is like the ocean if you swim you get tired, but if you stop, you sink.”

How can I help you?

My job is to find and solve organizational or legal problems.

If you are a good citizen.

  • Are you a foreigner and need help? You want to obtain nationality, regularize your situation, visas, residence.
  • Problems in the job? They have fired you, they do not pay your payroll, they have changed the day you work or the workplace.
  • Do you want to buy at auctions? I help you find a property to bid on, and if that’s okay with you, I take care of research out that it isn’t a poisoned apple, and even attending the auction in your name.

If you are a company or self-employed

In addition to the above also:

  • Do you have interests in ASEAN? If the answer is yes, I will help you and accompany you to the Kingdom of Cambodia. Write to me.
  • Are you looking for aid and subsidies? I collaborate with Fandit, a Spanish startup, dedicated to finding grants, we help you find what you need, and we teach you how to apply for it.
  • You need Compliance services, at Becompliance we will be happy to assist you, visit our website.

Let’s meet!

If you want to know more about me, such as who I work for? What training do I have? and have access to more content, which I do not publish on the web, you can contact me through this web, goglearme or you can contact me at Linkedin.

I believe in networking and opportunities so I will be happy to help you find the right solution and count with you in my network.

“There is no distant destination if you keep walking”

In both professional and personal life I like to think that no goal cannot be reached,
there is always a way to move forward, the improvement is smaller
or bigger, but it’s always an improvement.


I want to wish you and your families, a Happy Christmas, and Happy New Year…


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